16th Solo Art Exhibition by SUZLEE IBRAHIM 'MONSOON'



PRESS RELEASE October 14, 2010      

For Immediate Release Contact: Connie Noyes
001 415-299-1754


Zhou-B. Art Center, Chicago, USA.(October 14- 17, 2010)



(Chicago) A.R.G: ARTISTS RESPOND GLOBALLY is pleased to present an exhibition of works by 8 CHICAGO ARTISTS who have been paired with 8 INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS for the collaborative project IN MY OWN BACKYARD I CAN SEE THE WORLD.  An opening night reception will be held at the ZHOU B. CENTER on Thursday October 14, 2010, from 6-10 pm
Through communication technology IN MY OWN BACKYARD I CAN SEE THE WORLD brings artists from around the world together in their studios. Officially launched in May 2010, one local CHICAGO artist is currently paired with one INTERNATIONAL artist. The artists did not know anything about each other before they began. Each pair was directed, to find their own solution, topic and common ground without restriction.    

Global platforms of social networking such as Facebook, international communication platforms such as Skype and Jajah, and readily available web based translation programs such as Google translate will be used by the artists in their collaborations and communication will be recorded or notated by the artists for use in monthly or bimonthly video documentation of navigating through the collaborative relationship.

Documentation in the artist's studio and their exterior surroundings will also be recorded as part of a larger collaboration between Connie Noyes as artist/organizer, a documentary film crew, the sixteen artists and the international community at large. Videos, photographs and notes from each pair will be posted as they are completed to an interactive website, accessible by the artists and the global community. These videos will provide a peak inside the successes as well as frustrations of creative production, through process and the viewer will be privy to the back-story, which is rarely ever exposed.    

Suzlee Ibrahim is a renowned abstract artist in Malaysia who has been in the art scene for more than twenty years. He is established with his Movement Series has exhibited at seventeen solo exhibitions and more than five hundred group shows. His paintings had travelled to England, Denmark, Germany, Cuba, Canada, Japan, Greece, Poland and UAE.  Today, Suzlee is a full time lecturer at the Faculty  of  Fine  Art, National  Arts Culture  and  Heritage  Academy (Ministry  of Information  Communication  and  Culture), Kuala  Lumpur. Information on Suzlee Ibrahim and his paintings can be obtained at

Suzlee is paired with  feminist, narrative painter Gabriella Boros and may be the most diverse pairing in the group of current artists.

Other artists include Ceasr Conde, Kate Friedman, Ginny Sykes, Connie Noyes, Gabriella Boros, Sergio Gomez and Harry Sudman from Chicago and International artists, Manhal Issa (Syria) Gabrila Proksch (Austria) Yvette Dunn (South Africa), Roland Orepuk (France), Simeon Todev (Bulgaria),Petronilla Hohenwarter (Germany) and Regina Pereira Lopes (Brazil).   
ARG: Artists Respond Globally is a project based organization, which connects artists and communities who are interested in communication and collaboration on a global scale. The mission of ARG is to utilize the personal or local act of art making in combination with global relationships and communication technology. ARG's aim is to create dialog, strengthen understanding, and support awareness of social, political and aesthetic concerns through creative practice and process.
Project director and instigator Connie Noyes began this project with a small observation. As she participated in several painting symposiums and residencies in Dubai, South Africa, Bulgaria, Tunisia and Montenegro from 2005 - 2008 she noticed how artists from all over the world were able to get along. It didn't seem to matter where they were from, what language they spoke, their religion or beliefs about social issues, the artists communicated from the heart, through their creative spirit and seemed to celebrate their differences. The project has grown from this small idea though local and global networking.
IN MY OWN BACKYARD I CAN SEE THE WORLD is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts, with funding provided  in-kind  by the Zhou-B. Art Center, in part by Beviamo and is a scheduled event during Chicago Artists Month 2010, Our City, Our Studios.

For more information on ARG or In MY OWN BACKYARD I CAN SEE THE WORLD.  please contact Connie Noyes at or call 001-415-299-1754